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LA County Arboretum evacuated after a family of bears was spotted roaming the facility

The L.A Arboretum where all of the visitors have been safely evacuated.

That is because a family of bears has wandered into the property.

Workers remained on site to help with security measures such as closing gates. California Fish and Game officials were also on-site to safely remove and relocate the bears.

"Around 11 a.m. this morning, the county sheriff thought it would be wise to ask our visitors to leave the arboretum," said CEO of the arboretum Richard Schulhof. "The bears were asleep on the trees, but we just thought, on the side of caution, that was the right thing to do. So, we asked our visitors to leave the premises."

The sleuth of bears was a mother bear and her two cubs.

According to the residents of the area, bear sightings are common in the neighborhoods closer to the mountains and not past the 210 Freeway, whereas Arboretum officials said this is most likely the first time bears were seen on the premises.

This is also a wildlife sanctuary for many birds. Arboretum officials say 127 acres of land and plants here could have attracted the bears because this fall season, it can be a source of food for them. There were about 8000 visitors when the evacuation happened.

Workers are manning the entrances of the Arboretum, turning away any new visitors and telling them that their tickets are still valid for a year and they can also get a refund.

It was a very exciting day for these little ones on field trips. They were jumping and excited.


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