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Family Escapes Intruders by Jumping off Roof

A family of three were traumatized when a group of three intruders broke into their house to rob them of their belongings. The victims told reporters that they saw two of the men and only heard the third intruder. The intruder's broke in the house through an unlocked rear window Friday night and two of the suspects took the victims to one of the rooms upstairs and forced them to lie face down on the floor according to the police at the scene. One of the suspects remained with the victims and held them at gunpoint while the other two took everything out of the house. However, the gunman became distracted while he was talking to the two other suspects and the family took advantage of it to escape. The family decided to capitalize on the situation and raced to the bedroom window while the suspect was not watching. After they jumped out of the window, the victims jumped onto the lawn from the roof and yelled for help. When they started yelling, their neighbors called the cops and the cops could not find the suspects around the area. Police are asking for the residents help finding these suspects or any information involving this case. Blog by Bail Bonds Arcadia.

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