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City of Arcadia

Arcadia is a beautiful city that is located near the center of Los Angeles County and is near major cities such as Los Angeles. It is also pretty close to the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean, which makes this city a popular are to reside in. According to the 2010 United States Census, Arcadia has a population of about 57,000 with the majority of its population being Asian. The most known part of Arcadia is its culture of song and literature. Rout 66 passes through this city and along the route are many areas that celebrate both song and literature, which makes for a very intellectual experience. Also, this area is famous for its filming locations, which was most apparent in the film Tarzan. This city is very lively at night with its many lounges and bars and makes for a great place to visit for the night or the day. However, the city also has a very strict law enforcement that has a zero tolerance policy for anyone who decides to take their chances with the law. The officers of the Arcadia Police Department constantly patrol the streets of Arcadia to make their presence seen. They also set up random checkpoints along random streets throughout the city to catch anybody driving under the influence to help ensure the safety of its residents. Therefore the city of Arcadia is a great place to live or to visit for the day, while knowing that you are in a very safe and friendly area. Article by Bail Bonds Arcadia.

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