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How Bail Bonds Work In Arcadia.

When someone is arrested in Arcadia, they are usually taken to the Arcadia Police Department, which is located at 250 W. Huntington Dr. Arcadia, CA 91007. Once the arrestee arrives at the police station, an officer on duty will confiscate any personal items that that the inmate has for safekeeping through the duration of the case and or the remainder of the inmates time at the jail.

Concealed Weapons.

The state of California does not take concealing weapons lightly and has started to crack down on people charged with any of the charges associated with concealing weapons. The state of California has a strict process of regulating who may possess, carry and use a firearm and which type of firearms are considered lawful.

DUI (Driving Under The Influence).

We all here at Sunrise Bail Bonds Arcadia agree that no one should drive under the influence, some people still do that. The decision to “drink and drive” is done under the influence of alcohol. We know that no body want to hurt themselves or other doing that, so we will take the time to explain to you about what to expect when a loved one or a family member is arrested for DUI, and of course what charges that they may face, what determines the bail amount in those cases and for sure how to deal with that.

Arcadia Police Department.

The Police Department of Arcadia has been serving the great city of Arcadia for many years and will continue to do so for many years to come. The Arcadia Police Department is located at 250 W Huntington Dr Arcadia, CA 91007.

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