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Arcadia Police Department.

arcadia police department

If somebody gets arrested by the Arcadia Police. he or she will be taken to this facility where they will be met by a highly trained officer of the Arcadia Police Department.


The Arcadia Police Department is dedicated to the community and to delivering the highest quality Law Enforcement services. The Police departmen in Arcadia, CA was founded in 1903 and has proudly served its residents since then and are some of the best officers in Southern California. They also have a group of volunteers that help keep the streets of Arcadia safe at all times. Having volunteers patrol the streets of Arcadia helps officers in the department because they act like a set of eyes for the department.


They help by informing the residents of any law enforcement events as well as informing the police if there are any situations occurring throughout the city. The officers of the Arcadia Police Department are put through rigorous testing and training before they could become an officer for the department. They must attend the Police academy where they learn all of the laws that they will be enforcing and how to enforce them in the safest and fastest manner. This ensures that the residents of Arcadia do not have any unpleasant experiences with any of the officers.


Every officer takes an oath to protect and serve the residents of the great city of Arcadia. The residents of Arcadia are happy to know that they are being protected by some of the best officers in the area and can sleep at night knowing they are safe.

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