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DUI (Driving Under The Influence).


If a drunk driver is suspected by a police officer, they understand the danger that the driver is exposing himself and others to. The police will make sure to follow proper procedure when stopping a vehicle and citing the driver. Police won't stop at anything to convict those drivers. There are different types charges for Driving Under The Influence (DUI), and there are also different bail amounts that go along with these charges.


Many factors will make DUIs so different from each other. In this article we will be explaining and going over some scenarios that will put your mind at ease in case you ever receive that one phone call saying your loved one in jail.We have to tell you that when a person sees those blue and red lights in their rear view mirror, it is the attitude which will determine how they’ll be treated, so the nicer, calmer and more cooperative someone is, the easier the process will be. It might even save them the hassle of being arrested. With that said, you shall know that no matter which degree that DUI is at, we make the process of bailing out and fighting those charges from your house, going on with your daily life very easy and hassle free, rather than fighting from behind bars


One of the most important factors of the DUI is the blood alcohol level. In California if someone over the age of 21 happens to drive with a BAL of .08% or higher, he/she will be subject to receiving a DUI ticket may he/she is stopped. The higher the BAL is, the higher the bail can be.


Another important factor is having prior DUIs on the record. The more DUIs the higher bail amount. The punishment, fines and license suspension time will increase the more you drive while drinking. DUI with injury is a possibility that people might get themselves into, it may result in one of the worst DUI situation a person can get themselves into. In these cases can carry a bail of up to 100,000 Dollars.


DUI in conjunction with another traffic violation is also a factor that can enhance the wrongful situation. Such as driving with a suspended license, driving without insurance or not even buckling your seat belt. Article by Sunrise Bail Bonds Arcadia.

driving under the influence
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