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Arcadia Bail Bonds Process.

bail bonds arcadia ca

In Arcadia, when someone is arrested, usually is transferred to the local Police Department located at 250 W. Huntington Dr, Arcadia, CA 91007. At the arrival, the arrestee’s belongings are going to be confiscated for as long he or she remains to jail. The next step is the registration of the defendant’s personal information to the Los Angeles Sheriff system followed by taking photos of the arrestee to register them also to the system. Then it comes the fingerprint process by using the Live Scan machine. The machine is directly connected to the Department of Justice, so they can check if the defendant is connected to any other major crimes or if he/she has any pending warrants or even if he/she is wanted by any law agency. The time period needed for the results, usually is 45 minutes to several hours. When the results arrive, then it is going to be determined if the arrestee is able to be bailed out. After that, the Jailer decides the defendant’s status and charges plus the court date are going to be assigned to him or her.

The moment you contact us here at Sunrise Bail Bonds Arcadia, our highly trained and experienced agent will be able to post bail. For that reason, you must provide him or her any information about your situation and personal details of your loved one. That way, our agent is going to contact with the facility where the arrestee is kept and figure out if he is cleared for bail. In case he is cleared, our agent is going to make an appointment with you to help you fill out all the necessary paperwork needed to complete the bail bond process. When the paperwork is ready, then the agent is going to give it to the Jailer so he or she can verify all the information given. When the verification is completed, then he or she will begin the finalization of the jail release. After that, your loved one, will be able to get released and come home till the assigned court date. The release process is possible to take from an hour to several hours depending how busy the jail is at that moment.

What makes us different!
bail bonds in arcadia ca

When someone of your loved one is arrested, we understand that it can be very stressful for you and even very confusing.


Your life is going to be full of agony till you find the help needed.

That help is to contact a bail bonds agency but which one? There are so many of them that makes it very difficult for you to choose.

For the reason that the bail bonds brocess here in Arcadia can be very confusing, you need to contact the right Bail Bonds Office.

You need to be sure that you will give all the information to a legitimate and authorized bail bonds agency so they can help you to complete the process as fast as possible.

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Here at Sunrise Bail Bonds, our professional agents are extremely well trained and highly experienced in the field of bail bonds especially in the area of Arcadia and around it. For many years, our agency released thousands of people from the Arcadia Jail. Our bail record is our best advertisement.

Our skilled staff is our guarantee that you will be totally satisfied by our highly professional service and the time needed to complete the bond.


You can argue that there are thousand of agencies promising the same if not more. However, from the first contact with our agent, you will immediately understand that we have the most skilled, trained and experienced agents in matter of the bail bond process and customer service.

To avoid difficulties in communication and for faster results, we will assign to you your personal agent to help you through the whole process.

Easy payment plans.

Your personal agent is responsible to explain to you everything you need to know exactly, what you need to do and every possible requirement to complete the Process for the release of your loved one.

Since we live in the same world with you, we can understand that you may have financial difficulties and that you may not be able to come with the full 10% of the bail amount. That’s the reason we offer many different payment methods.

You are able to choose a payment plan that we offer so you can come up with a reasonable payment that fits your budget. Your agent is going to help you to choose the right one plan for you.

Our local agents cover the neighboring cities like, Sierra Madre northwest, Pasadena and Alhambra in the southwest. From southwest to the southeast which covers Temple City, Monterey Park, El Monte, Baldwin Park, Covina and West Covina. And to the east to provide bail service in Monrovia, Duarte, Azusa, Bradbury and Glendora.

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How Bail Bonds Work in Arcadia, CA!

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